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About Soleful Orthotics

Rachel Eisenfeld, Certified Pedorthist

Rachel Eisenfeld founded Soleful Orthotics Solutions in 2008. She is a board-certified Pedorthist and Orthotic Fitter.


Soleful Orthotics is a convenient custom foot orthotics company that goes the extra mile (literally) to make the best fit possible. We specialize in looking at the body as a whole to find your foot problem and pain relief at your home or office.


When you purchase a pair of Soleful Custom-Made Orthotics, you are getting the best custom made orthotics on the market for your feet. Our orthotics are meant to correct foot alignment and be comfortable.


We look at the foot and how it works with the entire body. Certain elements will be added that other facilities might not even consider!


Your feet are one of a kind so why should your orthotics come from a factory?

About Rachel

From a very early age, Rachel has been fascinated with the way the body moves. She is a lifelong runner, and in high school worked in a running store in her hometown of Winchester, VA. It was here that she was given the opportunity to learn how to analyze the human walking and running gait.


In addition to learning proper gait analysis, she is educated in how to recommend a properly fitted shoe. Rachel is an encyclopedia of shoe knowledge!

  • Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine

  • Certified Pedorthist since 2008

  • Certified Orthotic Fitter since 2013

  • Completed first 30 mile in June 2016


Our Process

EASY AS 1-2-3

1  Orthotics Consultation

We will provide one pair of custom orthotics made just for you. We will set up a consultation meeting. Includes shoe education and recommendations, gait analysis, and casting for orthotics or shoe modification as needed.

2 Orthotics Fitting 

Within two weeks or less we will have your custom orthotics ready for the first fitting. We will set up another time to meet and let you try out your orthotics to see how they feel.

3 Orthotics Adjustments

We provide three free adjustment visits. If your orthotics don't feel quite right after your adjustment period, we will work with you to help make your orthotics as comfortable as possible without compromising correction. These three visits must occur within the first six months.


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